Passion fruit – 3 pack


Why should I buy Passion Fruit feminised seeds?

  • Very strong and stable genetics, easy to grow
  • Complex fruity aroma and taste
  • A reliable hybrid which performs very well both indoors and outdoors
  • High-yielding variety of premium potency

Passion Fruit is a potent cannabis cup prize winner

Passion Fruit won the following cup in South America:

1st Prize outdoor at Copa Del Sol in Peru in 2018

Passion Fruit buds are incredibly fruity

Passion Fruit is a hybrid variety that is the result of crossing two incredibly fruity varieties to create something even better than the original parent varieties. The buds of this variety smell like you have just set foot in a candy shop!

Most dominant are the more sweet, citrus, sour and orange aromas. You can expect a unique grape flavour profile which is super tasty. If you want a delicious, rich and supremely powerful cannabis variety with genuine fruit-taste overload then you will love Passion Fruit feminised seeds!

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