About Us

Right Bank Seeds is an offshoot of The Hemp Company of Dublin which first opened its doors to the public in 1999. We soon realised there was a demand from our customers for souvenir products that mark the journey of what is the oldest, most interesting, diverse, and useful horticultural and agricultural plant families known to human beings – the Cannabis family. The notoriously famous Temple Bar area of Dublin occupies the ‘left bank’ of the river Liffey and, as in Paris, was developed as the cultural quarter of the city where the Arts, theatres and galleries could thrive. In naming this company Right Bank Seeds, The Hemp Company of Dublin countered this perception to provide, if you will, an alternative to the alternative on the opposite bank of the Liffey.

The core of our business and its solid foundation in the global hemp industry is to source and supply the world’s best hemp and cannabis related products. For over 20 years we have pioneered this ethical and sustainable plant-based resource which is responsible for leading a passive evolution throughout the world. While the cannabis genome seems to know no boundaries for the well-being of people and planet, we must recognise the need for a legal framework that supports its safe use and regulation. At Right Bank Seeds we are committed to helping you create your own bank for reference and preservation for a future generation of enthusiasts.