Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion the inventors of feminized seed in the 1990’s. Then again in the last recent while at the for front of the really quick 10 week Auto Fem seeds .They  have helped make life even easier for the guy or girl who has to have a good regular timing on there projects . Our seed collection has never been better.

All  varieties have been developed with an ethical approach for nature and the enviroment.

Non GMO Statement.

All  varieties in the Dutch Passion catalougue have been obtained through classic crossing . Selective breeding and crossing plants  will help bring  new varieties all the time. Dutch Passion does not work with Genetically Modified Organisms ( GMO ) OR gmo techniques and has no plan to change that in future.

Cannabis is used by millions of people to help with the symptoms and pain caused by various medical conditions .Medical cannabis users are recommended to discuss use with  medical professionals who are increasingly aware of the medical benefits.

Generally the seeds from this supplier are great.

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