A STRAIN BURSTING WITH FLAVOUR   A West Coast original, this 60/40 indica-dominant strain originated in California’s Bay Area. As her name suggests, this delectable strain is a treat for your taste buds and she will blow you away with both exquisite flavour and vigorous potency.   A WELL-BALANCED HYBRID   Gelato is a very well-balanced strain, giving you a healthy mix of both indica and sativa effects. And thanks to her remarkable THC level that can reach over 25%, you will definitely be feeling them. Gelato is a heavy hitter that will immediately blast you with a wave of physical and cerebral euphoria, quickly taking over both your mind and body. Despite a healthy dose of indica genetics, Gelato is quite cerebral and can really energize you without any worry of an eventual “couchlock” effect.   Gelato gives off an intensely sweet aroma that contains hints of wood and nuts. When smoked, it produces yummy, fruity tones that have often been compared to citrus, blueberries, and vanilla. Thanks to the high THC content, you can expect her green and purple buds to be covered in a layer of glowing trichomes.   GROWING GELATO   Our feminized Gelato seeds are a genetic cross of Wedding Cake, Gelato and Gelato #33. The final result is a short, bushy plant that can reach anywhere between 50–100cm in height. Indoors, well grown Gelato can yield roughly 400–500 g/m² of pristine buds with a flowering period of about 8–9 weeks. When grown outdoors, it can yield between 300–400 g per plant with an ideal harvest time of mid-October.

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