Blue Cheese



Blue Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid variety created through the crossing of a Blueberry male to the famous UK cheese cutting which was then backcrossed again with the cheese to stabilise the genetics.

Plants will grow to a height of around 80 to 140 cm. Grown outside, she can get a little taller and will be ready for harvest at the end of September.

Great yields can be achieved with this plant, averaging 550g per square metre. The perfect blend of sweet, fruity flavours from the Blueberry and musky, earthy flavours from the Cheese make this strain an instant classic.


Gender: Feminised

Type: Hybrid (Indica 60:40 Sativa)

Genetics: UK Cheese x Oregon Blueberry

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Yield: 500g – 600g /square metre

Flavour: Sweet, fruity, cheese, earthy

THC: 19%

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