About Us

Temple Bar occupies the ‘Left Bank’ of the river Liffey and, as in Paris, was imagined as the area of the city where Theatre, Art Galleries and a more ‘bohemian’ ethos could thrive.The Hemp Company of Dublin, in naming its new company RIGHT BANK SEEDS counters this perception to provide, if you will, an alternative to the alternative on the opposite bank of the Liffey.

167 Capel Street has been in the business of promoting and supplying hemp products, from bespoke clothing to oils and food for over fifteen years; in fact the Mc Donald families’ retail tradition in Dublin City stretches back five generations.

Our experience has enabled us to gather a team of expert staff devoted to giving the best products and advice to our customers. We at RIGHT BANK SEEDS source our products from the best breeders worldwide and have created a range of seeds that is destined to be the winner for our Irish customers.

We here at Right Bank  Seeds guarantee you a wide selection of the most sought after genetics available today. Working along side respected and established Cannabis Cup winning companies such as Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, THSeeds and Barneys farm .

Will be updating Shop Stock Soon , will be like a Stock Exchange.

When Making Payment – The Hemp Company is receiving Funds or if you  prefer James Mc Donald .